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"Imagination is more important than Knowledge"

Welcome to Maryland Homeschool Resource Network (MHRN). This web site is dedicated to all the home school families.  MHRN is designed with the intent to bring together ideas and resources, in the pursuit of our common goal of home based learning.  This would  benefit and unify us all as a homeschool community of Maryland.   We strive to make this a web source for all to use while respecting our differences.   This secure site and its following pages are for you,  the homeschool family.   We hope that you will feel free to donate any information, educational resources, and suggestions to MHRN.  There are local support groups for different areas around Maryland, but until now there has not been a central  place to find  educational resources, support groups, activities, and common knowledge pertaining to all of Maryland home base learners, for all of us to share and use.   We recognized the need for a  special  common place which we homeschool families can have access to and MHRN strives to accomplish this goal.  Most importantly, sharing ideas and resources that are of benefit to us all will bring us together on our common goal of home based schooling.     What better way to  learn and teach than to share what you have been learning and teaching with other home school families in Maryland.  Thank you for allowing us to enjoy and learn from you, the homeschool families.