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This page is for our children to share their favorite book submit short stories and poems.  In doing this page, it is meant to help our children to learn to enjoy reading, practice writing and  sharing their favorite books or use their imagination to write their own short story or poem.  Other children can be inspired to be creative and share what they are reading and writing. A great way for children to connect and share with others.  If you would like to share your story or poem, or tell us about your favorite book that your reading please use the box below.   

All submits to the Book Nook are the intellectual property of the submitter, MHRN only responsibility is to put your story or poem out there for everyone to enjoy.  Thank you for submitting...


Your Story Here:  

The Stories Page is a great place to publish to the Homeschool community your short stories that you have written.  By writing stories you learn to create and develop characters, concepts and story lines.  But most importantly we the readers of your stories with be inspired to write and create stories of our own.  Please tell us your first name and age... have fun...


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Your Poem Here:

The Poem Page is for you to submit when the Muse hits you... please give us your first name and age with your poem...


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Your Book Review Here:

The Book Review page is for you to share with everyone interesting things about the books you have read.  The submit page below is for you to tell us about the books you have read, what you like about them and  why you find them interesting.  In doing so you will be giving us great ideas of books to read and sharing with us a valuable resource.  So please submit a paragraph or two about the books you are reading...

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