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This is a new concept,  E-Mail-a-Mentor program. If your child has a strong interest in a subject and there is a parent in our home school community that has a expert knowledge with a subject,  we can put the two together through the volunteer a mentor resource.  What better way to give back to our children and community than to invest in their education.  The mentor would be able to provide expert resources and answer problems that may arise in the course of study with the child.  Example:   say a child loves writing and English and there is a parent out there that has expert knowledge, a major in English,  through e-mail the mentor can give valuable advice to the child they are mentoring,  without having classes, scheduling, time to get together, or a child may be really advanced in electronics and there is a parent who is a expert in that field,  the mentor could lend a hand if the child runs into difficulty offer resources, research questions,  guide the child in  where to find more information, maybe even provide a lesson plan. This could be of help to all our home school families and it brings the whole family together being involved in our common goal of home based learning. 


So Contact Us if you want to be available as a volunteer mentor for a specific subject.

  The parents or children will be able to  E-mail the mentor to ask the mentors  for help, guidance  and  asked specific questions.  Please volunteer to be a mentor.


Contact Us Here



Mr. Leonard Breitstein  Math and Science


I would welcome the opportunity to provide home schooling classes and assistance to families who require such services.


I have been employed by the Montgomery County Public School System (on a part-time basis) as a Home and Hospital teacher for the past four years. In this capacity, I have taught more than forty high-school students mathematics (ranging from pre-algebra to calculus) and science on a one-on-one basis. In addition, I also have considerable experience tutoring many high school and younger students in Montgomery County in math and chemistry. Other experience includes preparing students to take the SAT and HSA math tests, and working with learning disabled and special needs students.



Prior to my teaching and tutoring activities during the past four years, I worked as a chemical and environmental engineer  for more than 30 years in private industry. I have a doctorate in chemical engineering from Columbia University.



Mr . Leonard Breitstein         301-869-1982         lenbreitstein@aol.com




Music Teacher

I am a former Baltimore County music teacher that has been teaching private lessons for over 17 years. I currently maintain approx. 25 students in
Westminster and now I have decided to bring my operations to Baltimore City.  I have a BFA in music with teacher certification from
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, a professional member  of the Percussive Arts Society (PAS),  and a member of the Vic Firth Drumstick Education Team and the Mapex Drums Learning Advantage.
Find more info about me and lessons at http://www.mikeottodrums.com/
 Mike Otto
 (410) 591-4253
 Professional Educator and Performer


language arts tutoring services   I am a certified teacher offering language arts tutoring services for children in Pre-K through second grade (ages 4-8). I specialize in reading/writing/phonics. I can help your child catch-up or offer enrichment work. I can also help you assess your child and see if extra help is needed or if you just want a teacher to provide feedback on your current curriculum. I provide all materials as well as assessments. Tutoring is done in my Columbia home with Wednesday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday availability. $25/hour. Feel free to contact me by email or phone to set up a time to meet.
Lara Wood


Ann Hammer, tutor.  I am a Maryland certified teacher (PreK-middle school) looking for students to tutor in the Annapolis area.  I have taught first grade, fourth grade and fifth grade and tutored kids of a variety of ages.  I can work with students on reading, writing, or math.  I am available at a variety of times, prefer to meet at a local public library, and charge $30 an hour.  Please contact me by e-mail at annhammer@comcast.net for more information. 



Gemologist :  I currently live in Blacksburg SC

Mike  Weldon   mmjweldon@yahoo.com   If any of your kids are into rock collecting or if you are studying rocks right now, I'm a member of our local rock club and about a year away from a graduate gemologist degree. I will answer all questions I can and find the answers I don't already know. Not sure how I'd put a lesson on it together if I had to, but I know I can give answers to
questions.  Mike

Thank you Mentor s for taking the time to help our  future...



Tutoring service, private and on line:


Piano Lessons

Piano teacher with 38 years of experience has openings for students of all ages and all levels, beginner through advanced. Teaches a variety of music styles (e.g., classical, sacred, pop, jazz) according to student interests. References available. Lessons given at teacher's in-home studio in Severn, Maryland, near Arundel Mills Mall. Call Myra Sparks at (410) 519-6682 for more information or to sign up for a free sample lesson.




QME Homeschool Tutoring Co-op   QMEHSCO-OP: QME Homeschool Tutoring Co-op   Tracy Queen Queen's Mobile Education, LLC  www.qme-tutoring-services.com
Welcome to QME'S Homeschool Tutoring Co-op (QMEHS Co-op)!  We are proud to introduce to you a New Tutoring Service for the Homeschool Community!  QMEHS Co-op provides tutoring for homeschoolers in  small group settings in your homes on a rotational basis, within homeschool community homes. We will provide everything you need to keep your child on track academically and we will nurture their creativity and love of exploration.  

QMEHS Co-op provides hands on activities, field trips, group events, awards for achievement, and annual celebrations for all children within QMEHS Co-op.  We work with parents in developing an individualized learning path for their child while enjoying the benefits of children working alongside each other.   QMEHS Co-op is similar to other Co-op systems in such that you will play an equal part in the decisions and advancement of the co-op and the children. At the same time you will learn new strategies on how to teach your child (ren).

QMEHS Co-op has devised a system to incorporate compensation to parents who host and assist the tutors within the program. Through this system we will provide tutoring services to the hosts child (ren) FREE of Charge, for the duration of the hosts services. "See Example" 

QMEHS Co-op also provides researched nutritional information and suggestions for children. This can help to optimize the children's achievement and health. (You are what you eat).  This would be done upon request by the parent.  Their will also be Nutritious Snacks Provided such as Fresh Fruits, Raw Veggies etc...... "Whole Foods". We are determined to assure your Childs Health and Success! And with the help of all of you together we can Achieve that! Please look through QMEHS Co-op website and then sign up for your hosting and tutoring program.


Lynda Bell   The Log Cabin Science Program  The log cabin Science Program is located on Maryland's Blue Ridge in the rural Washington, DC area, and is headed by Lynda Bell, a NASA geophysicist.  The faculty of the Log Cabin Science Program currently offer classes for students pre-school through high school in the areas of Wetlands, Stream Biology, Marine Science, Geology, Atmospheric Science, Physics, Chemistry, Anatomy, Zoology, Environmental Studies, and Algebra Most of the students attending this program are independent-learning students. Lynda Bell firmly believes in the need and benefit of studying science in surroundings of natural beauty. She uses the indoor spaces and porches of her Log Cabin and the surrounding mountain woods, fields, streams, and ponds as her classrooms and laboratories   Linda Bell LogCabinScience@aol.com  


On-line interactive tutoring for math, science, foreign languages, writing, SATs, special education, study skills, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, autism, learning disabilities, training in parent advocacy, student advocacy   LSI recognizes the fact that each student has a different learning style. Our staff comes to you with a wealth of teaching experiences. The tutors are all certified educators. Many hold one or two master degrees and Ph. D.S. Interactive Tutoring Unlimited Access to Content Materials Tutors will have Direct Dialogue with Classroom Teacher and Parents Offering online services with your own username and password.


Pre-kindergarten ~ Post Graduate Level All Grades/All Subjects Globally serving the needs of all students .


English/Language Arts Writing Reading Basic Mathematics Geometry Algebra I Algebra II Trigonometry Calculus Statistics Biology
Chemistry Physics Verbal SAT ,Math SAT, Spanish (Levels 1~4), French (Levels 1~4), ESOL (Levels 1~6) ,TOEFL ,GED ,Study Skills, Some College Level Courses, Corporate Seminars ,Corporate Training ,Corporate Benefit Package .Computer Training .

School Administrator


Barbara Purdom at bpurdomlsi@sbglobal.net    

LSI Independent contractor


Personal Professors  I invite you to join us for real teaching from expert math and science instructors...directly to you over the Internet! No more guessing whether your student is getting the proper math and science instruction they need, and no more page after page of text-on-the-Web like other distance learning sites. We have FULL COURSES of top-notch teaching ON DEMAND using an amazing whiteboard and voice system, all supported by regular weekly office hours and discussions with your teachers. Join us for a one month subscription and see for yourself how great learning can be on the Web! Dr. Hosking


Queens Mobile Education Tutoring Service

John Fishback Nature Programs Home Page  Mission Statement My philosophy is based on a love of the natural world, which has consumed my life for as long as I can remember. I believe that my role is as a caretaker for the planet and wish to encourage in others a profound connection to the earth. Most importantly, I want to create a positive experience for children and adults in an outdoor setting.

Background. For those who are new to my programs, I'm an environmental educator with a degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Maryland. I have taught youth and adults about the natural world for more then ten years. My self-employment began in 1994 with one home-school group and has evolved into Native American studies for public and private school groups, Nature adventure camps running continuously through the summer and spring break, teacher education seminars, birthday parties and other activities involving paintball, kayaking, fishing, caving, rock climbing, survival and most of all Native American crafts. I have studied with well-known trackers, biologists, and Native American elders; conducted an extensive wildlife survey; survived off the land; made log canoes, teepees and "Indian" Villages; learning kits; produced a wide range of crafts and many more natural related activities. Finally I'm a Emergency Medical Technician, First Responder and lifeguard.


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