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Julianna's Story

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Julianna and she was an angel and she saw a big bad wolf. Julianna had a baby doll named Angelina and the wolf took it and put it in the spider web. The  huge spider came and ate the baby doll but spit her out because plastic is gross. Then the angel put the big bad wolf in the spider web and the spider didn't spit him out.
Julianna age 3




Once upon a time there was a boy named Manners. But he did not have manners, he was rude. He burped without saying excuse me and he coughed without covering his mouth. And everyone would say "Manners you need some manners". So since  he was so rude his mom changed his name to Rudolph, rude for short.
Haley age 5



Round Robin Story Written by the Kids

Tristan -Age 5...

                      Once upon a time there was a city in the desert called Castle City. A dragon that shoots ice and fire is attacking the city. The dragon is the pet of a evil night. The fire breathing dragon and the evil night teamed up and other knight bad joined them. Sir Nick with his silver body armor, sword ,shield and spear, saw the fire from Castle city very far away. Sir Nick went to help Castle City. Sir Nick saw the princess locked locked up in the tower  very high , about 102 meters high. The Dragon saw the princess too, the dragon shot fire at her. The Evil night had sent his dragon to get the princess so he could could be King. 

Will - Age 10....

                        Sir Nick sleighed the dragon, saved the princess, Lydia, and eventually married her.  Over the years, Sir Nick and Lady Lydia raised three knights of their own: Sir Ted, Sir Gus and Sir Leo.  Sir Ted, bring the oldest, was groomed to one day be king.  Sir Leo, the youngest, was somewhat of a player.  Sir Gus, the middle knight, turned out to be a ferocious and brave leader of his country's royal army.  The royal family presided over a rich and glorious nation.  The township was fresh of trade.  Masters and Apprentices were plenty and the harbor, where his majesties army stood watch, was always bustling with activity.  Life in the kingdom was perfect; absolutely perfect.  One fine fall day, however, a queer little man moved into town with his queer little family.  He had a wife, three daughters and one crippled son.  They did not look, or act, like anyone or anything the town had ever seen before.  They had...

Kelsey - age 12...
                             Come back in time. They were really from 2003... but I'm getting ahead of myself, let me start at the beginning...
The queer little man was Armond, his wife, Lydia, their three children were Danielle age 13, Alisha age 11, Mira (but was called Mimi, by her sister's and brother) age 9, and her twin brother David. David was sadly crippled. When he and Mimi were born Mimi came out first, then David came, crippled. David's legs didn't work so he used a wheel chair. One rainy day Armond (who was an inventor) made a brake through on his latest invention, a time machine, yelled   "Lydia! Danielle! Alisha! Mimi! and David come quick! I made a BIG break through! Wait till you see it!" Lydia threw down the laundry she was doing and exasperated hurried to the work shop. Alisha, Mimi and David stopped their game of hide and seek and ran, and wheeled, to the basement, to see what new concoction their father had cooked up. Danielle put down her hair brush and ran out of her room that she shared with Alisha, down to the basement where the rest of the family were congregated. "So how does it work?" asked Danielle skeptically. "You just push this red button here, pull this leaver, choose a time period and, push this here button," he said pushing buttons and pulling leavers to demonstrate. "buuuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz," went the time machine. The room began to spin. It spinned faster and faster and faster "wooooooooosh, whoooooooooooosh, whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh," went time machine. Then the room disappeared. "whoooosh whoooooosh whoooooooooooooooosh!" The family spun through space and then "ca plink! thud.. thud, thud thud thud," as the family hit the ground. "BAM," came David's wheel chair as he fell out of space. "Ouch," said Alisha. "That hurt," said Mimi. "Where are we?" asked Lydia. "I think we came back in time," said Armond, amazed that something he had made had actually worked. "I don't believe it! I must be dreaming! I just don't believe it!" said an amazed Lydia. "I don't either but we're here, we might as well look around," said Armond. "Look a town!" said David, pointing. "Yeah, I see it too!" exclaimed Mimi, "Can we go! Please daddy! just for a short look?" "No, of course not! We don't know where that thingy has taken us! They might be cannibals! Or something worse! We should go back this very minute! Back to 2003!," said Lydia. "No-can-do dear, I'm afraid that this here time machine won't work! It got damaged in the fall. We'll have to go into town for the parts I need," said Armond. "Yes," shouted Mimi and David together. "Okay, we'll go to town, but only in and out! We get the parts we need, we leave, and off we go back to 2003! Where we belong!" said Lydia. And the family headed to town, not knowing what lay ahead.
Benjamin age 3.....
                       They are going to the city in a boat because there is water all around the city. They find the castle.  They go in it. They see spiderman pictures. They keep looking around.
Aislinn - age 8
                      They decide to take a closer look at the pictures... and see that they aren't pictures at all but tiny goblins!  The goblins jump out the frames and run down the hall to raise the alarm.  People come running from everywhere and chase the family into the armory.  They are surrounded by all sorts of weapons made out of metal and wood.  "Wow - what kind of a place is this?!" asks Alicia.  "Looks like we've hit their weapons spot." answers Lydia.  Armond needs some metal so he picks up a dagger and puts it in
his coat pocket (so that it doesn't pinch him).  I think I can use this to fix my machine."  But what he didn't know was that it was magic.  The goblins enter immediately after screaming "They are in here!  They are in here!"  Soon the King and Queen come running in with their guards.  "Who are you and why are you here?" demands King Nick.  "Oh please dear, do you have to be so rude?  It is almost lunchtime, let's settle this over some food." interrupts Queen Lydia and sweeps out of the room.

Haley Vaughan age 5

                              So the family went to eat with the king and queen. For lunch they ate peanut  butter and jelly with milk.  When they were done eating they went outside to  play, and a big dragon came and they all ran away from him. He just wanted to play but he looked big and scary. So he sat there alone and cried.
 Caitlyn Hutchison, age 9
                    The mother and father stayed inside to talk with the King and Queen. The  children ran behind some bushes to hide from the dragon. "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" David cried. "I pricked my finger on the bush that we are  hiding behind."  "Oh no! I think that these are the killing bushes!"criedMimi.  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" they all yelled together.  "Lets get out of this bush," said David. "OK," said Alisha. They ran from the bushes to other bushes that had no prickly things  on them. They looked everywhere for the door and they could not find it  anywhere.  "I see it! Oops!" said Mimi. They finally got up and out of the
bushes and ran into the castle where their mother and father and the King and Queen were. "You are covered in thorns, dears," said the Queen. "Yes," said the King. "I think that they should come out," said their mother.

Julianna Vaughan age 3
                          They told the king that they put their hands in the bush and the king said
 "Don't do that again!". Then they all started making decorations for a  party.

 Elena O, age 7
                         When Cinderella came they had the party.  They had cake and danced until  Cinderella had to go home. The big red and green dragon named Justin who was left crying under the tree comes out into the clearing.  He roars scaring everybody out of their shoes    and  socks.  He still wants to play and starts running around in circles. He starts bouncing a beach ball and to everyone's amazement he says, "Will  you play with me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez?"  Mimi says "Yes" and the children started playing duck, duck, goose until the dragon's mom called him  home for dinner. The children were thinking about what the dragon was going to eat for dinner  when their parents came and told them that they all had to go to the village to get the things they needed to fix the time machine.  As soon as they got to the village they got the parts and tried the time machine out.  It made a lot of noise and they found themselves in Hawaii.  A coconut fell from a  tree and cracked, and inside was a bottle with a note in it.  They looked at the map and it lead to buried treasure.  They found the "x" right where they  were standing and started to dig.  They found the treasure chest and  all they found in it were a few necklaces and bobby pins.  Alisha said, "Now,  what?"  Danielle has the idea that they knock down more coconuts and they  do.  The first one they knock down had a crab in it with claws as big as feet.

Samantha, age 3   


Annie Bolgiano, age 12
                   Then, they went to a cave where the crab was lost.  Then he was lost so he
wanted his Mommy and Daddy.  Then he finally found his mommy and dadddy and
then it was night time and he went to sleep.  And then in the morning,
came a big Grandma Crab.  Then, the crab ate eggs for breakfast.  Then, he looked in
his cabin to see if the mums (flowers) were there, but , no mums.
Then he came to see if somebody picked the mums,
Hey somebody picked the mums.  Must have been the dragon. He went to the
carriage to get something to solve the mystery.  He peaked over the leaf and
saw that a scary monster took the mums -- it was a dinosaur.  He slowly
closed his eyes and then ....

Sam bolgiano age 8. Alisha ran and ran.  Her family did too.  They ran and ran until they got to the edge of a cliff.   They could not see the bottom;  it was all mist. Soon there were thousands of crabs coming out of everywhere.   There was only one thing left to do - jump.   As they fell mist gathered at the top of the cliff and faded away at the bottom.   Suddenly something grabbed them at their backs as they fell into icy water.   The crab swam with them leading them back to his island.   On the island there were thousands of........

Jordan, age 6 ....ponies.  One pony had a princess on it.  She came over to the family and told them the crabs would not hurt her.  She took them away to her castle.  She told the crabs to get the family for her because she needed a time machine.  The princess is named Chelsea and she was from a
future time.  A mean wizard from the island went to her time and put a curse on her so she was trapped on the island.  She knew the family needed help

with the time machine so she used her magic scepter to make the time machine
work.  Then it started to rain popsicles.....

Abbie 7

                  and a big popsicle landed on Mimi's head and it oozed down her face and she licked it.   She said, This is the most disgusting Popsicle I've ever tasted."  The mother said, "If it's raining Popsicles where can we live?"  And then, a huge Popsicle landed right where they were standing and the mother said, "Oh, good!  The Popsicle answered me.  We can make a house in here."    Danielle said, "How in the world can we live in here?"  Their father made a door, window, stairs, and upstairs.   Every time someone went upstairs their feet got stuck in the Popsicle stairs.

                 Then, a big rock fell from a cliff and smashed their house.  No one was hurt, but their dad said, "Let's get out of here."  Their mother said, "First, it has stopped raining and now we can go in the water."  Danielle said we don't have any bathing suits, but they found bikini bathing suits right where they were standing.  They went in the water and then came out and dried themselves off with their clothes.  They picked up their clothes and tried the time machine again.  They soon found themselves in Alaska. Danielle said "Yikes, we are wearing our bathing suits in Alaska!" , and then a house came out of Danielle's eye.   Her mother said, "Honey, I think you are under a spell."  A whatsamagoogle dracula kind of guy that acted a bit strange appeared  and said, "She is under a spell, but you aren't in Alaska.  The spell will only be broken if you transform yourself into silly bunnies."  Mimi said, "How can anybody do that?"  Justin the dragon, if you remember him, had built his own time machine and tried it out ending up in  the same place.   The silly whatsamagoogle Dracula kind of guy that acted a bit strange was so scared of the dragon that he made himself into  smoke. Justin,  the dragon, had packed in his suitcase a beach ball, some camping gear, marshmallows and some other types of food.   There were no more houses coming out of Danielle's eyes.

Auti  age 5

 They found some camels with a dolphin on one and the camel in front was a horse.  Then a dancing king came and a silly dinosaur with crayons and he said,  "Please will you color with me, please?" And then they all colored, and they liked it so much, they colored again...

To be continued...



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