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Book Nook

Books for Boys to read:

Reviews on Books

Book for young readers

Books with unit studies:






Books for Boys to read:

Bionicle  chronicles
Tale of Toe, Beware the Bohrok, Matuta's Revenge, Mask of Light
by scholastic : carried at Borders .  Boys who love the Bionicles

 might be inspired and read the books . More for the reading level age

10 up age group, but younger children  would enjoy being read to.


Reviews on Books

Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster

I just read a lovely old book, originally written in 1912, called Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster.  It's recommended for 11 and up, which is about right.  It's about an orphaned girl and a benefactor that pays for her college tuition.  The entire book is a collection of letters from her to the benefactor.  It's got humor, and some social lessons, as well as a happy, somewhat surprise ending.  I highly recommend it.  Lisa


Book for young Readers


The Prophecy of the Stones Excerpt  Flavia Bujor Written by a 13 year old
The Dark Dream weaver By Nick Ruth   Read Chapter 1   Written by one of our very own homeschool parents, Full of fun and imagination.  And the second book will be out soon.
The Breezes of Inspire: The Remin Chronicles Book 2  By Nick Ruth  will be out soon Be sure to check this book out too!!!


 Series of book for young readers by USBORNE

I wanted to share this series of book for young readers . I know interesting especially boys to books that  they would enjoy is sometimes a challenge.  I found the  print large  easy to read to or the kids to read them selves. Brining classic stories to the younger reader. It has not been easy to find books that are able to interest the young reader in content inspire them to read more for pleasure. My son loves adventure and these books capture his interest in reading at least the ones we've read so far. I hope your family finds them worthy too. Tuesdi


The books are reader for ages 5-12 Young reading series 1  combine fun stories easy

to read print is for kids who have just started reading alone Aladdin & His magical Lamps, Giants Pirates, Winches, Princes & Princesses , Wizards,The Burglars Breakfast  ,The Dinosaurs Nest book  

Series 2 also for ages 5-12  combine fun stories easy to read print and are for readers who are growing confident in their reading ,A Christmas Carol , The Clumsy Crocodile , King Author,Treasure Island ,Robinson Crusoe ,Gulliver's Travels ,The fair Ground Ghost ,  You may find more information on them by going to



Books with unit studies:

Lesson Plans for Children's Books


The Swiss Family Robinson    free down load

 Swiss Family Robinson Unit Study Index


Holes By Louis Sachar  unit study

Holes Educators Guide and Lesson Plans  pdf file


A wrinkle in time study guide Madaleine L'Engle


A  Quest for A Wrinkle in Time



Read, Click and Win with Book Adventure!


****NEW**** Tolkien's Middle-earth Lesson Plans - Course Overview


Dr. B's On-line Lessons & Resources



Go to Web search, then Google and type webquest then type book you reading and you'll get several choices for a unit study on the book your reading!!!

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